Facom JET+ 7 Drawer 5 Module Roller Cabinet Red

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Facom JET.7M5 – JET+ 7 Drawer 5 Module Roller Cabinet Red

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Facom Tools JET+ 7 Drawer 5 Module Roller Cabinet Red – JET.7M5


Roller Cabinet

Red Colour

5 Modules Wide

Designed to fit 5 module trays into each row of drawers

Can take up to 35 module trays in total – 7 rows of 5 modules

7 Drawers

Useable interior space of drawers + maximum load

5 x W948 x D421 x H60mm x 35Kg

1 x W948 x D421 x H130mm x 40Kg

1 x W948 x D421 x H200mm x 50Kg

Total 265Kg

Supplied with 12 partitions for the 8 x H60mm drawers and 4 partitions for the 1 x H130mm drawer

Worktop Dimensions

Surface working area W876 x D440mm

Maximum load 1100Kg

Outside Dimensions

W1154 x D546 x H1000mm (includes worktop and wheels which are 160mm in diameter)

Weight 107Kg


6 in total – 4 swivel and 2 fixed

2 with brakes

Large 160mm diameter


Heavy gauge steel construction for strength + rigidity + quality

Can be used with Facom Jet+ storage accessories to create a multifunctional workstation

Pre drilled holes in sides and back for easy attachment of compartments and accessories


2mm stamped aluminium top reinforced with a 15mm wood board

Surface is grooved so reduces scratching

Secured with stainless steel screws

Fixed front and back lips to help prevent tools and objects rolling or falling off when moving

Side lips retract under a heavy load so longer objects can be easily placed on the top

Integral shock proof polypropylene worktop accessories

Built in handle

Screwdriver slots x 16

Compatible with vice fastening


100% access when fully open

Aluminium drawer hook locks drawer in place when closed

Handles have a smooth satin finish and are rust proof

Full length and ergonomic handles for easy grip when opening from any position

Tool diagrams (supplied) can be displayed on drawer handles to aid organisation of drawers

Will take all Facom and Britool Expert Module Trays + most other brands to efficiently organise tools

Removable drawer partitions can be used to increase space efficiency

Tested to ensure professional quality – 50000 open and close cycles equal to 10 years of use


Elastomeric thermoplastic soft bumper for shock dampening on 4 corners and drawers – helps reduce dints


Heavy duty for heavy loads

Easy start up with less than 7Kg thrust needed to start cabinet moving

Increased resistance to common hydrocarbons for a long lifetime

360 degree turning circle for optimum manoeuvrability

Easily crosses obstacles and is stable when parked due to 2 brakes


Central locking system with folding key

Recessed key location to prevent key breaking

Powder Coating

Epoxy coating for superior resistance to chipping and rusting

Technical Conformity

Professional Tools with Facom Tools 5 Year Warranty