Britool Expert – 7Pc Metric Short Ratchet Combination Spanner Set + Rack

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7Pc Short Ratchet Combination Spanner Set

Metric  10 + 12 + 13 + 14 + 15 + 17 + 19mm

Supplied in a plastic storage rack

Weight 670g

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Expert by Facom  7Pc Metric Short Ratchet Combination Spanner Set + Rack


Short length for limited access areas

Wide spanner handle enables the user to apply high power comfortably without hurting the hand

Handle is dimpled to aid grip with oily hands

Polished Chrome Vanadium Alloy for superior strength and durability

Expert Brand + Part Number + Size is stamped or etched onto the tools for easy selection and ID

Ratchet Ring End

Optimum 72 teeth ratchet system so minimum of only 5 degrees of arc swing required between each turn

Ideal for high power applications or where limited arc swing or access is a consideration

Straight profile allows user to flip the spanner to change turning direction

12Pt OGV / Maxi Drive profile applies force to the flats of the fastener (rather than weaker angled edges) for increased turning power and less rounding off

Open End

Angled at 15 degrees to aid access to fasteners that are in resticted arc swing areas